Fortum investing in hydropower in Sweden by refurbishing Skedvi power plant

Fortum is refurbishing the Skedvi hydropower plant located on the Dalälven river in Sweden. This will be one of Fortum’s biggest investments this year in hydropower in Sweden.


”Carbon dioxide-free and renewable hydropower is a core business for Fortum. Hydropower is the only climate-neutral form of energy available to quickly balance fluctuations in electricity production and consumption. The importance of hydropower will be further emphasised in the future when, for example, the use of wind power in electricity production increases”, notes Risto Andsten, Vice President, Renewable Energy, Fortum.


The Skedvi power plant refurbishment project is part of Fortum’s long-term hydropower investment programme. The aim is to improve the production, efficiency and safety of hydropower plants through an annual investment of EUR 80-100 million. The investment programme will increase Fortum’s hydropower capacity by about 100-150 megawatts by 2020.


Fortum has signed an 8-million-euro agreement with VG Power related to the refurbishment of the Skedvi hydropower plant. The agreement covers some of the main refurbishment work. VG Power is supplying e.g. the power plant’s new oil-less blade wheel, which will help improve safety and make the plant more environmentally benign.


The refurbishment of the Skedvi will continue until 2014. The power plant was commissioned in 1949 and has an output of 38 megawatts.


Fortum, Power Division


Additional information:
Risto Andsten, Vice President, Renewable Energy, tel. +358 (0)10 453 3988