Fortum is planning a new waste-fuelled CHP plant in Sweden

Fortum is planning to invest in a new waste-fuelled combined heat and power plant in Stockholm region. The new plant is expected to be operational at a turn of 2010-2011. By utlising waste Fortum produces environmentally benign energy and contributes to effective waste handling in the Stockholm region.


Fortum Värme, owned by Fortum and the City of Stockholm, has decided to apply for a permission to build and operate a new waste-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) plant in conjunction with its existing bio-fuelled power plant in Brista, outside Stockholm. The decision to locate the plant in Brista (Sigtuna community) is based on the proximity to Ragn-Sell’s local waste treatment plant, and the fact that there already is a waste-fuelled CHP plant in South of Stockholm, thus creating synergy benefits especially in logistics.


The value of Fortum's investment is approximately EUR 110 million. The new plant will have the capacity to process 240 000 tons of waste annually equalling the amount of waste produced by all households of Stockholm. The capacity will be approximately 57 MW heat and 20 MW electricity; a demand of a medium-sized Swedish town.


Fortum has extensive, over 30 years of experience from waste-to-energy production in its Högdalen CHP plant in Stockholm.


District heating is a vital part of the energy supply in Stockholm. The increasing demand for electricity and heat is caused by new buildings and partly by a trend of converting existing buildings to district heating.


Fortum Värme produces district heating equivalent to 75 % of the heat demand in Stockholm. Some 75 % of the energy is produced by using renewable sources, which has contributed positively to Stockholm’s reputation as one of the world’s cleanest capitals.



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