Fortum Corporation has been awarded as the best overall reporter in the contest of environmental and social responsibility reporting.  In the contest, companies’ reporting of environmental and social responsibility issues in the annual report, in separate reports and on the Internet pages is assessed.


This year the contest was organised for the eighth time, appraising the reporting of a total of 156 companies or public authorities. For example, all of the companies on the Main List of Helsinki Exchanges were appraised.  Of these, 82% reported on environmental and social responsibility issues in their annual report, 55% on their website, and 17% in separate reports. A record number of 53 separate reports were included in the contest this year.


Fortum’s victory was based on the uniform standard in all methods of reporting. The jury’s comments included the following: “Fortum reports on its corporate responsibility issues mainly on its website. Compared with the previous years, the large amount of information has now been outlined more clearly and consequently the pages are more user-friendly. The summary in paper form contains a brief account of the most essential issues, which works well on its own too. Corporate responsibility issues are included in the key sections of Fortum’s annual report, such as in the President and CEO’s review. They have also been discussed separately over a few pages”.


Fortum has been reporting on its environment and safety achievements and challenges since 1992. Since 1999, the name of the report has been “Fortum in Society”. Currently, the printed report only gives the key issues, while most of the information is available on the website.


The best reports in Finland have been awarded since 1996. Fortum has been among the best every year. The only exception is 2000 when Fortum did not take part in the contest, but was a member of the jury.


The 2003 contest was organised by the Association of Environmental Information in Finland Elinkaari; Finnish Business & Society; Finnish Institute of Authorised Public Accountants; the newspaper Taloussanomat; the Ministry of Trade and Industry; Environmental Management Union, and the Ministry of the Environment. The reports were assessed by LTT Research Ltd and the Helsinki School of Economics.


Fortum Corporation

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Ms. Arja Koski, VP, Corporate Environment, Safety and Health (EHS), tel. +358 10 45 24205