Fortum one of Finnish Paralympic Committee's main partners

Fortum will be one of the three main partners of the Finnish Paralympic Committee during the 2006–2008 period. The cooperation will be a significant part of Fortum´s 3-year sports sponsorship programme.


"Elite disability sports have shown strong growth in Finland during recent years. The national teams have been training more professionally for the upcoming Paralympics and other important events. The more determined coaching process has also resulted in increasing expenses. Accordingly, the funding granted for elite disability sports by the Ministry of Education has been increased annually. However, a main partnership with companies enables a longer-term and better-planned preparation for the upcoming Paralympics," says Maria Laakso, the Secretary General of the Paralympics Committee.

 “Before this, we had to spend the partners’ funding entirely on the Paralympics team's travel expenses. This more significant, long-term funding we receive from our main partners will also enable us to improve the athletes’ training programs. In practice, this means we can have more international training camps, tournaments, and competition trips – in addition to enhancing our domestic training programs,” Maria Laakso says.


 “Our partnership with the Paralympics Committee complements our sports sponsorship efforts in the fields of alpine skiing, track and field, and youth physical education. Elite disability sports are a great match with Fortum’s values,” says Fortum’s Brand Manager Susanna Serlachius-Pressler.


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