Fortum opened its first Russian unmanned Neste station in St Petersburg

The first unmanned station in St Petersburg and in the whole of Russia was opened in June. The station is located in the Kalinin district by Rustaveli street. The Kalinin district has

a population of  about a half a million. Another two Neste A-24 stations are planned to be opened during this year.


The station located by Rustaveli street has two card-note automats and meters for two gasoline grades and diesel. Payment may be effected with Neste card and cash. Later in this

autumn, it will be possible to use international credit cards as well. Extremely strict safety and environmental requirements have been applied in the building of this station, as there is no experience of unmanned stations in Russia. To make sure that the operations will begin smoothly, the station has personnel to guide customers in refuelling.


Vladimir Yakovlev, Governor of St Petersburg, together with Vice President Veli-Pekka

Helander, opened the new station in the presence of Vice-Governor Juri Antonov, high

officials of the city and Fortum’s local representatives. In his opening speech,

Governor Yakovlev mentioned that Neste is pioneering in the service station business and

a good example to other companies. He hoped that in the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg in 2003 there will be several other unmanned Neste stations in the city.


The first Neste station in St Petersburg was opened in 1991, and today there are 21 Neste stations in the city. The opened station complements these services, as the other stations provide other services in addition to fuel sale.



Further information

Veli-Pekka Helander, Vice President, Fortum Oil Retail, Baltic Rim,

tel. +358 10 45 28226