Fortum secures its place on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Dow Jones Indexes, STOXX Limited and SAM Group have today announced the results of the annual review for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). Fortum secured its place on the global DJSI World also this year among only three Finland-based corporations. Fortum is also the only Nordic power and heat company on the DJSI World.


Companies looking to be included in the DJSI are assessed from three dimensions: Financial, social and environmental. According to this year's assessment competition for sustainability leadership is increasing and differences between well-performing companies are getting smaller. Companies are also getting increasingly educated about the specific sustainability risks and opportunities in their sector. Fortum scored clearly better than the average in the environmental dimension.


"Fortum is committed to sustainable development. We also believe that it gives us a competitive edge in the market. We are very glad to have been re-selected as a member in the DJSI family. It shows that we are moving in the right direction," says Arja Koski, Vice President, Corporate EHS, at Fortum.


DJSI World index includes over 300 leading companies from 24 countries in terms of corporate sustainability.


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