Fortum has sold land and water areas for the purpose of nature conservation in the Tvärminne region of Hanko, Finland. The surface area of the land is about 20 hectares, while the water area measures about 200 hectares. In addition, shares for significant common water areas have also been sold. The areas are part of a statewide waterfowl habitats conservation programme and Finland’s Natura 2000 network proposal. The two purchasers, Uusimaa Regional Environmental Centre representing the Finnish state and a private corporation, have committed to turning the land and water areas into a nature reserve. In conjunction, small land areas unsuitable for conservation purposes have also been sold off.


These deals are a part of the sales programme for Fortum’s non-productive properties.


The nature reserves that will be established contain a diverse variety of sea and coastal nature forms, including sandy beaches, sand dunes, underwater sandbanks as well as islets and islands in the outer archipelago. The majority of the area is made up of water that stretches from the mainland shore to the open sea. Located in the open sea, the islets of Pappasharun, Lägganharun and Storharun and the shoals surrounding them are important nesting and feeding areas for marine birds like the eider, common tern and arctic tern.


”Because of the uniqueness of this area, we considered it important that the new owners commit to its protection. That’s why we are so satisfied with the result,” says Mikko Tavastila, the manager responsible for property matters at Fortum.


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