Fortum wants to make its commitment to sustainability, especially climate-benign production, a success factor for the company. To this aim, Fortum has set new, stricter near-term targets for carbon dioxide emissions from electricity and heat production.


Within the EU, Fortum's long-term goal is to continuously keep its emissions levels among the best of European companies.


In electricity production, the new target is to decrease the specific CO2-emissions to less than 80 g/kWh by 2020 as a five-year average level. The previous corresponding target was 120 g/kWh. In the EU25 area, the average specific emission from power plants has been around 400 g/kWh during recent years.


In heat production, Fortum's aim is to reduce the specific emissions in each district heating area by at least 10% from 2006 until 2020.


Outside the EU, Fortum is committed to increase energy efficiency of power plants and thus reduce specific emissions.


“Fortum has a strong track record as a low-emitting power producer. The threat of global warming is real, however, and we want to be part of the solution, not only the problem. That is why we have to challenge ourselves to improve further. I’m very pleased with our new stricter CO2-targets, since they are needed to steer us in the near- term future. Further steps will obviously be needed and they will be taken as new climate benign technology becomes available, says Fortum’s President and CEO Mikael Lilius.



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