Fortum submitted Loviisa power plant's safety assessment to Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority


PRESS RELEASE  31.10.2011



Fortum has today submitted to Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority the licensee's final report regarding the safety assessments carried out within the EU on nuclear power plants, the so-called stress tests. The European Council decided on 25 March, 2011, in the wake of the accident that occurred in Japan at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant on 11 March, 2011, to implement a Europe-wide re-assessment of safety at nuclear power plants.


The safety assessment just completed has not revealed any particular new issues that had not been recognised in the safety assessment submitted to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy this spring. The assessment also evaluates the preparedness of Loviisa power plants in case of severe accidents. The safety assessment concludes that the design basis is proper and that the existing technical solutions and safety margins are sufficient.


Based on the assessment Fortum has however identified some possibilities to improve safety even further: for example securing sea water cooling with air cooling; and securing of the fuel pond cooling in case of exceptionally long lasting accident situations. All this requires further additional analysis, which will be submitted to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority on 15 December in accordance with the further national evaluation. Fortum estimates that these possible safety improvements and plant modifications could be implemented within the normal power plant investment programme, and that they will not affect the operability of the power plant.


Fortum has improved the safety of Loviisa power plant extensively for several decades. With the help of these safety improvements e.g. the management of severe accidents has improved significantly.


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