Fortum supplies burners to Vaskiluoto Voima's new bio-gasification plant

PRESS RELEASE 21 October, 2011

Fortum supplies lean gas burners to Vaskiluoto Voima's 140 megawatt bio-gasification plant in Vaasa. The new solution of lean gas burners result from Fortum's long-term research and development work in combustion technology.

Vaskiluodon Voima Oy constructs the world's largest bio-gasification plant in connection with the existing coal fired power plant in Vaasa. The power plant will be fuelled primarily with wood-based biomasses, particularly forest residue. Metso Corporation is responsible of the full-scope delivery and Fortum supplies four lean gas burners to the coal boiler.

The lean gas produced will be combusted along with the pulverized coal in the coal-fired boiler. As result of the new solution close to 25-40 per cent of the coal can be replaced with renewable energy, which will reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by about 230,000 tons per year. This is the first time in the world that biomass gasification is being adopted on such a large scale.

For Fortum, the burner supply to Vaskiluoto Voima is a significant opening for the sales of new lean gas Fortum LG burners. The new Fortum LG burner product is a continuation to Fortum's over 20-year development work on combustion technology field. The low-NOx burner developed and patented by Fortum is designed for combustion of the fuel gas produced by the gasification of biomasses and residues in the power plant boiler.

- We believe that this innovative product has a strong impact on future combined heat and power (CHP) production solutions and fuel flexibility as well as emission mitigation, states Antti Heinolainen, Product Manager from Fortum.

In the field of low-NOx combustion technology, perpetual cooperation and development work has been performed together with Japanese Babcock-Hitachi K.K. This cooperation supports Fortum’s R&D work for combustion technologies. Fortum has delivered hundreds of low-NOx burners globally, the latest significant delivery being for Jaworzno coal-fired power plant in Poland.

- Vaskiluoto lean gas burner delivery is an important new product reference for us that consolidates our long-term customer relationships with Vaskiluoto Voima and Metso, says Tuula Ruokonen, General Manager from Fortum's Power Solutions.

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Further information: Tuula Ruokonen, General Manager, Power Solutions, Sales, tel. +358 50 45 32731Antti Heinolainen, Product Manager, Power Solutions, tel +358 50 45 32137