Fortum and  Norwegian Skiforeningen, which is responsible for the Holmenkollen operations, have agreed on an extensive co-operation in which Fortum will be one of the main sponsors of Holmenkollen. The co-operation agreement is published on the same day as the company’s Norwegian business operations change their name to Fortum.


“As a Nordic energy company, this is an important day for us, because in Norway we have almost 100,000 customers who will do business with Fortum from now on. We want to serve them even better than before and prove from the beginning that in Norway we will operate on Norwegian terms. Holmenkollen is a significant Norwegian institution, which is well known all over the world. In Holmenkollen, spectators enjoy themselves, top athletes compete with each other and the best of them will be winners.  There is a lot of positive energy in Holmenkollen, as is in Fortum. Therefore, co-operation with Skiforeningen and Holmenkollen suits us splendidly,” says Carola Teir-Lehtinen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications.


In future, Fortum will be visible in the area of the legendary Holmenkollen throughout the year.  The company will be prominent, for example, in Holmenkollen events and materials. The signed co-operation                     agreement will also enable Fortum to utilise the Holmenkollen events for various hospitality occasions.    


“We warmly welcome Fortum.  This is the first time when a significant ‘overseas’ playerdecides to use Holmenkollen as a communicational channel and thus bring forward its own logo and product, communicating the values of the company. It is challenging and beneficial for us that a reliable energy supplier is involved in our team,” says Kari Lorentz Larssen, General Secretary, Skiforeningen.


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