Fortum’s Esa Hyvärinen in EuroHeat and Power congress, Estonia: Customers and competition to drive heat markets

“Customers should have the freedom of choice between different heating alternatives and an incentive to influence their heat consumption and cost. Market-driven competition promotes new technologies and drives for best resource and system efficiency. This brings benefits for the customers, suppliers and the society as a whole,” said Esa Hyvärinen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations, in the EuroHeat and Power Congress, in Tallinn, Estonia.

"However, equal competition requires level playing field in terms of legislation. This is why there is an urgent need for an EU-level heat strategy to promote competition between different heating methods,” Hyvärinen continued.


Open district heat network offers new solutions


Fortum is demonstrating technologies and building energy storage capacities to increase the flexibility in heat demand and reduce consumers’ heating costs. Fortum's Open district heat concept encourages new heat sources and heat customers to become producers. Open district heating allows customers that generate waste heat to sell recovered energy at market price to Fortum. For example, waste heat from data centres in Stockholm equals the heat demand for approx. 55,000 apartments. Fortum is also developing different heating and cooling related product types to fulfil customers' expectations.


"Our customers have become more active and aware about alternatives they can choose from to heat or cool down their properties. At the same time we strive to learn from them what is expected from modern heat suppliers. To fulfil customers increasing expectations we need to keep district heating competitive towards the alternatives. That also requires district heat pricing to be competitive and transparent but also price levels to reflect real district heating system costs. Whatever the pricing method it should incentivize system efficiency, sustainability as well as promote new investments," Hyvärinen concluded.



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