Fortum's Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant brings annual refuelling and maintenance outages to a successful conclusion

PRESS RELEASE 25 September 2013

Both Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant units in Loviisa, Finland, are back in
production after the annual maintenance outage. Unit 1 was out of production
for almost 19 days, until 6 September, and maintenance work on Unit 2 was
finished in 16 days, on 23 September.
Both units underwent a so-called refuelling outage, with no major alterations
or repairs carried out. About one fourth of the fuel was replaced on both

"In addition to normal periodical maintenance and refuelling at Loviisa 1, an
engine of the emergency diesel generator was replaced with a renovated one, the
6-kV main switch at the switch plant was renovated as were the 400-kV switches
at the switch field. All work was completed within the planned maintenance
schedule," says Pertti Salonen, Manager of Loviisa Power Plant's Maintenance

At Loviisa 2, the most significant maintenance target, in addition to the
normal periodic servicing and refuelling, was the 400-kV switches at the switch
field. The renovation of the 400-kV switches on both units was carried out by
Fingrid Oyj.

The maintenance was carried out according to plan, and no major incidents
endangering personnel or plant safety occurred. Small technical problems during
the start-up of Loviisa 1 delayed grid connection by two days. During the final
testing of Loviisa 2, two control rods malfunctioned. Due to the malfunction,
the control rods were tested several times and ultimately found to be
functioning normally.

"The annual outages on both units went very smoothly. Despite extra checks and
reports, the annual outages were successful also in terms of keeping on
schedule," says Timo Eurasto, Manager of Loviisa Power Plant's Operation Unit.
"Both units are in good shape now, and we expect an undisrupted refuelling
interval as in previous years," Eurasto continues.

In addition to the 500 Loviisa employees, about 650 experts in the fields of
maintenance and inspection from a total of 50 companies took part in the annual
outages. 97 per cent of the contractor workforce was Finnish. The companies had
direct contracts with Fortum.

Fortum Corporation
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For further information, please contact:
Pertti Salonen, Manager, Maintenance Unit, tel. +358 10 455 3100
Timo Eurasto, Manager, Operation Unit, tel. +358 10 455 4010

Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant

In 2012, Fortum's Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant produced 7.61 terawatt hours of
electricity, corresponding to about 10 per cent of the total annual power
production in Finland. The Loviisa power plant has one of the best safety and
availability records among the world's nuclear power plants. The load factor
describing annual production is high by international comparison, e.g. 87.6 per
cent last year.

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