Fortum's Shareholders' Nomination Board


The following persons have been appointed to Fortum's Shareholders' Nomination
Eero Heliövaara, Director General of the Government Ownership Steering
Department, Prime Minister's Office; Harri Sailas, President and CEO, Ilmarinen
Mutual Pension Insurance Company and Liisa Hyssälä, Director General, The
Social Insurance Institution of Finland, KELA. In addition, the Chairman of
Fortum's Board of Directors Sari Baldauf is a member of the Shareholders'
Nomination Board.

According to the resolution by the Annual General Meeting, held on 9 April
2013, the Shareholders' Nomination Board is now a permanent body in Fortum's
corporate governance and consists of four members. The Company’s three largest
shareholders are each entitled to appoint one member to the Nomination Board.
The right to nominate is determined on the basis of the registered holdings in
Fortum's shareholder register as of the first working day in September. The
fourth member is the Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors.

The purpose and task of the Nomination Board is to prepare and present a
proposal to the Annual General Meeting on the number of the members of the
Board of Directors, on the members of the Board of Directors as well as on
their remuneration. In addition, the Nomination Board is responsible for
identifying candidates as potential board members.

The now appointed Nomination Board will forward its proposals for the Annual
General Meeting to Fortum's Board of Directors by 31 January 2014.

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Fortum's purpose is to create energy that improves life for present and future
generations. We provide sustainable solutions that fulfill the needs for low
emissions, resource efficiency and energy security, and deliver excellent value
to our shareholders. Our activities cover the generation, distribution and
sales of electricity and heat as well as related expert services.

Fortum's operations focus on the Nordic countries, Russia, Poland and the
Baltics. In the future, the integrating European and fast-growing Asian energy
markets provide additional growth opportunities. In 2012, Fortum’s sales
totalled EUR 6.2 billion and comparable operating profit was EUR 1.7 billion.
We employ approximately 10,400 people. Fortum’s shares are quoted on NASDAQ OMX