Good production year 2010 at Fortum's Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant in Finland

The year 2010 was a good production year at Fortum's Loviisa Power Plant. The
production period went uninterrupted, with the exception of a few short
disturbances. Loviisa Power Plant produced 7.7 terawatt-hours of electricity,
and the capacity factor describing the power plant's availability was 91.1 per

Production almost uninterrupted

The power plant was operated safely and almost without interruptions. The most
exceptional incident took place in July, when a disturbance in the secondary
circuit automation caused a reactor scram on Unit 1. The Unit was returned to
production on the following day. No danger was caused to personnel or
environment. Long-term work at the power plant to further enhance safety

Successful annual outages

Unit 1 of Loviisa Power Plant underwent a normal reloading outage in 2010, and
Unit 2 an extended inspection outage, which is performed every eight years.
Annual outages of both Units went according to plan. Unit 1 was down for 26
days and Unit 2 for 40 days, for its more extensive inspections. In addition to
the plant's own personnel of 500, a total of about 900 maintenance and
inspection field specialists from 79 companies contributed to the successful
outage performance.

Progress in power plant automation renewal and waste repository extension

Renewal of the power plant automation progressed in 2010 through modernisation
of the Unit 2 reactor core measuring system. Preparations for the next phase,
reactor protection automation, is ongoing.

Advanced Process Simulation Software (APROS), a safety simulation program
developed by Fortum in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Center of
Finland, has proved an efficient tool in improving safety-related activities at
Loviisa Power Plant. The application is now in use also in Fortum's co-owned
plants in Finland and Sweden, with users in a total of 26 countries.

In late summer 2010, the extension work of the low- and intermediate-level
waste repository 110 metres deep in the bedrock began. The extension increases
temporary storage capacity for maintenance waste. The duration of the extension
project is about one year, resulting in a total excavated volume of 15,000
cubic metres.

44 new employees to the plant

The change of generation continues at Loviisa Power Plant. Altogether 44 new
recruits started at the plant in 2010. The many received applications to open
positions show that employment at the plant is sought and appreciated. In
addition to the 500 Fortum employees, over 100 people employed by other
companies work at the plant.

Further information:

Jari Kuusisto, Manager, Safety Unit, tel. +358 50 4532610
Timo Eurasto, Operation Manager, tel. +358 50 4554010
Peter Tuominen, Manager, Public Affairs, tel. +358 50 4524760