In 2000, the electricity production of the Loviisa Power Plant approached eight billion kilowatt-hours, i.e. 8 terawatt-hours. The Loviisa Power plant produced a total of about 10% of all the electricity consumed in Finland.


Unit one of the Loviisa Plant generated 3.8 terawatt-hours and unit two 4.1 terawatt-hours of electricity in 2000. Both of the Loviisa plant units also reached a high load factor: at Loviisa 1 the load factor was 84.8% and at Loviisa 2 it was 91.0%.


 “The successful turn of the millennium started a busy year, during which the demanding refuelling outages were carried out,” says Arvo Vuorenmaa, General Manager of the Loviisa Power Plant. “In the first part of the year, the total generation of the plant reached the limit of 150 terawatt-hours, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of two years in Finland,” Mr Vuorenmaa continues.


One of the factors influencing the production results of the Loviisa Power Plant is the modernisation and power uprating project, the implementation of which was started in 1997 and which will continue until 2002. “The refuelling outage of 2000 yielded about 4 megawatts of additional power. The production of this additional capacity corresponds to the electricity generation of about ten modern wind power plants,” reports Arvo Vuorenmaa.


A total of  7,136 persons, 509 of which were from outside Finland, visited the Loviisa Power Plant in 2000, which is somewhat less than in the previous year.



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