Mitigating climate change is one of Fortum’s most important goals. As a result, Fortum has decided on new environmental actions, which concern, among other things, Fortum employees’ car and air travel. 


Only diesel or green cars


In the future, Fortum company cars are only diesel, hybrid, ethanol, bio ethanol, biogas or electricity-powered vehicles with carbon dioxide emissions under 200g/km. These guidelines apply to company car procurement in the entire group as of this date. Existing company cars will be exchanged for new vehicles after current leasing contracts have expired.


Reducing air travel by 10%


In 2006, Fortum personnel travelled by air about 12.9 million kilometres in total. The target is to reduce air travel and, in turn, carbon dioxide emissions by 10 per cent from the current level. Instead of air travel, teleconferencing and videoconferencing will be promoted. In order to facilitate change, a total of 50 conference rooms will be set up with video conferencing equipment during 2007.


Offsetting CO2 emissions from air travel


In addition, Fortum has decided to offset the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from its personnel’s air travel. Fortum will pay a carbon dioxide fee for each flight taken by a Fortum employee. This fee will be channelled for instance to the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in developing countries. Thanks to this offsetting programme, Fortum personnel will travel carbon dioxide-free in the future.


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Arja Koski, Vice President, Corporate EHS, Tel. +358 10 45 24205


Fortum's production is among the most climate benign in Europe. 84 % of the electricity generated by Fortum was free of carbon dioxide emissions in 2006. Renewables accounted for 40% of Fortum's electricity generation and 43% of heat generation. The specific carbon dioxide emissions of Fortum's total electricity generation (107 g/kWh) are among the lowest of the major European power companies and clearly below Fortum's target values. Fortum has set target values for its carbon exposure: annual target of 200g/kWh or under and five-year average target of 120 g/kWh or under.