Nordkalk and Paroc agree on extensive electricity procurement partnership with Fortum

Nordkalk Oyj Abp and Paroc Oy Ab have signed electricity procurement agreements with Fortum Markets in Finland. In addition to the physical power supply, the agreements will cover the risk management of electricity procurement. Fortum will also manage the companies’ emission rights portfolios.


The annual combined volume of the new agreements will be approximately 350 GWh, and will cover the entire electricity procurement to Nordkalk and Paroc’s Finnish operations. Fortum also supplies electricity to the companies in Sweden.


"The new extensive electricity procurement agreement for the Finnish operations is a natural extension to our long-term cooperation with Fortum and will allow us to fully concentrate on our core operations," says Timo Hirvonen from Nordkalk.


Fortum Markets



Further information:

Timo Hirvonen, Nordkalk, tel. +358 (0)40 502 7992

Patrik Ahlbäck, Paroc, tel. 004 865 6628

Esko Kaljala, Fortum Markets, tel. +358 (0)50 45 36569



Nordkalk Oyj Abp is the leading manufacturer of high-quality limestone products in northern Europe. Its products are used in the paper, steel and construction material industries as well as in agriculture and environmental management, among others. Nordkalk’s turnover totalled over EUR 334 million in 2007. The company employed an average of 1,300 people. Nordkalk has operations in over 30 locations in eight countries.


Paroc Oy Ab is one of Europe's leading mineral wool insulation manufacturers. Paroc products include construction insulation, technical insulation, vessel insulation, construction elements and acoustics products. The company has manufacturing operations in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland. The turnover of the Paroc Group totalled EUR 403 million in 2006, and it employed an average of 2,170 people.


Fortum Markets is part of the Fortum group. Fortum Markets offers its customers energy solutions in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Fortum Markets purchases electricity from the Nordic electricity exchange and sells it to domestic and business customers as well as retailers in the Nordic countries. In addition to actual power supply, Fortum Markets offers its business customers comprehensive portfolio and risk management solutions.