Oman Government Tender Board selects Fortum’s etherification technology from Neste Engineering and IFP´s PRIME-G + desulphu

Sohar Refinery Company has selected Fortum´s NExTAME technology to produce ethers in a new refinery project in Oman. The NExTAME unit will produce an environmentally preferred high-oxygen gasoline component, which is a mixture of tertiary amyl methyl ether (TAME) and heavier ethers. The use of the component in gasoline reduces the harmful effects of exhaust emissions.


The annual capacity of the TAME and PRIME-G + unit will be 120,000 tonnes and 1,100,000 tonnes respectively.


Fortum has developed its NExTAME technology for the manufacture of TAME and heavier ethers at a high conversion rate. Of the different alternatives, the technology was the most suitable for the new refinery’s target to improve the quality of light gasoline, which is a product of the cracking unit.


In the tender competition, Neste Engineering, a subsidiary of Fortum, co-operated with the French company IFP. In the same tender competition, IFP was chosen as licensor of the gasoline desulphurisation technology with its PRIME-G + technology. By making Fortum’s NExTAME and IFP’s Prime-G + technologies compatible, major cost savings and synergy benefits are achieved.


Neste Engineering and IFP will start the basic design on the etherification unit soonest. The new unit is the fifth unit in the world using Fortum’s etherification technology



Fortum Corporation


Further information:

Raimo Linnaila, Marketing Manager, Neste Engineering, tel. +358 10 45 23186,

Antti Litja, Vice President, Technology Sales, Neste Engineering, tel. +358 10 45 23556 and

Yacoub Y. Bilal, Executive Project Director, Sohar Refinery Company, tel. + 968 570 711