The planning of the operations model and structure of Fortum’s new business sector, Fortum Markets, has been completed. Fortum Markets’ key task is to offer Fortum’s and its partners’ products and services to private and business customers in the Nordic countries.


Currently, Fortum Markets has almost half a million mainly electricity and heating oil customers in the Nordic countries, about 30,000 of which are business customers. The core of Fortum Markets is the existing Fortum Energy House, which has 270 employees. The net sales of the current year are estimated to amount to about EUR 700 million.


Fortum Markets is to be divided into three main units:


The customers of the Private Customers unit will mainly consist of households and agricultural and small-scale entrepreneurs.


The customers of the Business Customers unit currently include various branches of industry, from the process industry to small-scale enterprises and service-sector and real estate companies.


The key tasks of the Customer Services unit include the development and offering of Online services, Call Centre customer service, IT development for the different needs of Fortum Markets.


The theme portals developed by Fortum Energy House, mokkeilija.com, muuttaja.com, and remontoija.com, have created new innovative e-business know-how within Fortum. This experience is utilised in the further development of web-based customer-service systems of the Markets sector.  However, Markets does not aim to continue development of theme portals. The future of the existing theme portals is being analysed.  


According to preliminary estimates, as a result of the new operations model of Fortum Markets there will be no work for all present employees of Fortum Energy House in the new organisation. It is possible that a maximum of about 70 people will not have a place in the new Fortum Markets sector. Final decisions will be made after co-operation negotiations at the turn of July-August.


Mr Kari Huopalahti has already been appointed head of Fortum Markets. Mr Timo Koljonen, has been appointed head of Private Customers, Mr Erkki Kari-Koskinen, head of Business Customers, Mr Markku Moilanen head of Customer Services, and Mr Lasse Aarnio,  Business Controller.


 “The establishment of Fortum Markets is part of Fortum’s new strategy. Efficient utilisation of the Group’s customerships in the Nordic area carries many opportunities. However, in order to succeed, growth of the customer base and development of new customer-oriented business concepts are required,” says Mikael Lilius, Fortum’s President and CEO.



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Kari Huopalahti, Sector Head, Fortum Markets, tel. +358 10 45 24050