Pilot production of liquefied wood fuel began at Fortum's Porvoo refinery

The first pilot plant in the Nordic countries produces liquified wood fuel based on Fortum and Vapo proprietary technology


The first pilot plant of liquified wood fuel in the Nordic countries begins production on 14 May 2002 at Fortum's Porvoo refinery. The pilot plant will use forestry residues and sawdust as raw material, which is converted into liquid fuel to be used as heating oil in housing and industry. The pilot plant is based on proprietary technology developed by Fortum and Vapo in co-operation with VTT. The plant will be inaugurated by Sinikka Mönkäre, the Minister of Trade and Industry.


Using the pilot plant, Fortum and Vapo are developing the entire production process of liquified wood fuel, including wood chips reception, crushing, drying, manufacturing, i.e. quick pyrolysis, treatment of liquids, and storage of products. The plant capacity is two bulk cubic metres of wood chips or sawdust per hour, producing 300 litres of Forestera™ liquified wood fuel.


The project for the construction of the pilot plant was launched in 1999. With the plant, Fortum and Vapo continue the development of a new proprietary production technology and product in order to start commercial operations. In full commercial scale, about a million cubic metres of forestry residue can be used for the manufacture of the liquid Forestera™ fuel. As liquified wood fuel this corresponds to five per cent of the Finnish healing oil market.


The manufacture and use of the liquified wood fuel will slightly reduce the Finnish carbon dioxide emissions. The new technology offers competitive energy in accordance with sustainable development also for the international markets.



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