Swedish government abandons negotiation on nuclear power

With regard to an announcement by the Swedish government’s negotiator Bo Bylund  stating that the government abandons negotiations regarding nuclear power, the negotiating parties Sydkraft, Vattenfall and Fortum issue the following statement:


“We have been negotiating for two years and the parties have successively come closer the each other’s positions. According to our joint judgement there are still prerequisites for reaching an agreement and thereby creating long-term stability for power production in Sweden and the entire Nordic electricity market. Therefore we are surprised that the government decided to abandon the talks. It is in everybody´s interest to create clarity and predictable conditions for the Swedish and Nordic industry.  Here, nuclear power has an important role to play”


Stockholm Oct 4th, 2004



Lars Frithiof, Sydkraft AB

Lars G Josefsson, Vattenfall AB

Tapio Kuula, Fortum Oy,



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