The Espoo District Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Fortum by a private individual regarding the pricing of electricity transmission. The lawsuit cited a demand for compensation for payments charged in 1999 that, according to the plaintiff, were excessive. Tuusulanjärven Energia merged with Fortum in the year 2000.


The Energy Market Authority investigated the transmission pricing of Tuusulanjärven Energia during the years 1996-1999. According to the investigation, pricing was reasonable during the years 1996-1998, and the limit of reasonableness was exceeded only in 1999. According to a previous lawsuit in the Supreme Administrative Court, however, one year is not a long enough period to establish the reasonableness of pricing.


In its decision, the Espoo District Court ruled that the transmission pricing had not been unreasonable in the manner stated in the lawsuit, and subsequently, Fortum is not guilty of breach of contract, and is not seen to have received unjust enrichment.


An amendment to the Electricity Market Act is being prepared, according to which the length of the review period for evaluating the reasonableness of pricing should be 3 - 5 years.



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