Ice cubes for cooling

District cooling for buildings

Advanced district cooling is ideal for densely built urban areas where district cooling and heating networks serve a large number of users.
District energy can be described as transferring thermal energy to places where it is needed from a place or places with the best conditions for low environmental energy transformation. In a district cooling network the energy is redrawn from the warm buildings to the district cooling water. The energy in the network can then either be reclaimed to bring heat to buildings and tap water in wintertime or be cooled down with for example environmental friendly sea water in summertime.
Citycenter Ainoa is one of the first users of Fortum’s district cooling solution in Espoo. More than 90% of the thermal energy removed from the building complex is utilised in the area’s district heating.

We offer district cooling in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. If you are in Stockholm, you have an opportunity to join the world's largest district cooling network.