Physical power deliveries

​Fortum offers clean energy to the energy-intensive sector. Industry clients are able to manage the risk exposure related to purchase of energy by securing their electricity price. This can for instance be done through Fortum by acquiring physical base load contracts “physical flats” for the desired delivery period, volume and price area. We offer bilateral power contracts from short to longer term periods with physical spot delivery in combination with a financial hedge.
For companies interested in adjusting their hourly consumption and electricity purchase we offer the possibility of Pre-ordered Spot through Fortum. The client avoids the expenses and guarantees related to Nord Pool Spot’s partnership.
Balance Power is an open physical delivery alternative. Hourly balance power at the TSO´s hourly balance prices. The balance settlement is separated for consumption and production.
Forecasting service and balancing service are also available for our clients. These two services combined with pre-ordered spot will offer a carefree electricity balance for the customer.