About us

We have satisfied customers

Power Solutions is Fortum's expert center and responsible for selling expertise, services and products to our customers globally.
We have about 300 employees in our team offering wide range of expert services for different types of power plants. Customers will receive services which are built on knowledge and long experience as an energy producer in Europe and Asia. 

You can utilise offering which range from long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) solutions to highly specialised expert products, tools and technologies for power plants and their owners and developers.

​Success to our customers through a shared perspective


Like you, we look at business from an owner’s perspective: staying one step ahead of the competition. Combining our top technical know-how with an economic view enables us to identify opportunities and turn them into measurable results.


Power Solutions offers to customers:

  • Knowledge from the power plant operator with the best economic record
  • Independence of equipment suppliers
  • Integration for various partners, networks and business interests

We have experience from projects in over 20 different countries. Expert references cover hundreds of customers globally.  


We create satisfied customers year after year


We have been offering expert services for customers over 20 years now and developed wide service portfolio to answer our customers’ needs. Customers highly value our technical expertise and deep understanding of their needs. Therefore, customer satisfaction remains at all time high level and customers continue to be very satisfied with Power Solutions. 


CSI 2016 


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Please feel free to read customer references from our previous work and explore service and product portfolio. We are here for you, so please feel free to contact us for any questions, discussion or possible future cooperation.