Generator maintenance

Our generator plant expertise is based decades of experience on generator maintenance and overhauls as well as modernisation of generator excitation and protection systems.

Generator maintenance bases on overhaul inspections at set intervals, which are supplemented if necessary by various measurements.

We provide the following generator maintenance services:

  • Long term condition management planning
  • On-line and off-line condition monitoring (mechanical and electrical)
  • Endoscope inspections
  • Overhaul and spare part planning
  • Minor and Major overhauls
  • Any cleaning, inspections, and coatings that are required
    • Bearing maintenance work
    • Inspections (and any necessary replacements) of winding wedges
    • Repairs to windings and joints and stator re-windings
    • Rotor overhauls
      • Inspections and replacement of retaining rings
      • Re-windings
      • High speed balancing
  • Fixed-term inspections of generator protection relays
  • Inspections of excitation and synchronisation devices
  • Fault investigations
  • Installations of new machine units
  • Protection of client’s interests, ”Owner’s Engineer” service
  • Repair and engineering works at Turbine Workshop Center at Naantali