Hydro references

Hydro references

​Please read about our selected Hydro power references. If you are interested to know more, please contact our contact persons. 

Imatra Hydropower plantImatra hydro power plant, 2004-2006, Finland
Fortum refurbished unit 7 of Imatra hydro power plant to increase power output efficiency and improve safety. The renovation also lowered maintenance costs of the unit and reduced environmental risks.
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Plavinas Hydro LatviaPlavinas hydro power plant, 2007-2011, Latvia
Fortum conducted number of successful projects at Daugava river for the client Latvenergo, including dam safety studies, owner’s engineering services, generator inspections and upgrading units at Plavinas hydro power plant.
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Avestaforsen SwedenAvestaforsen hydro power plant, 2005-2008, Sweden
A new Avestaforsen hydro power station was built to replace the old plant. Energy production was increased by 20%, and the increased energy production was entitled to green certificates. Also a new dam was built to improve safety.  
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3D flow modellingThree dimensional flow modelling for design of fish ways, 2013, Finland
Fortum made a model for the client of the hydro power plants tailrace flow for optimal design of the fish ways to improve migration of fish.
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