Hydro IT systems

Fortum offers a wide range of IT systems designed specifically to be used in energy industry. With Fortum's IT systems you can improve your efficiency in every aspect of your operations.

​One significant backbone of an efficiently operating power plant organisation is IT systems and relevant information available timely. Skilfully applied, the IT systems contribute to level up the operation and maintenance activities. They help to build up an optimal sized staffing and to save in costs at many levels.

We offer to energy industry a wide range of IT system applications. Our product palette covers solutions for operational optimisation, process analysis, maintenance support and document management of power plants. Our references cover IT system solutions for several energy companies.

Key benefits of our IT systems:

Our products are based upon selected market leader partners in IT systems solutions and upon our long-term experience. We have tailored the leading system products to comply exactly with the operational environment of energy companies. This is based upon our many years experience of energy business and of operation and maintenance of power plants.

Get to know our IT systems for Hydro power plants:

Logbook - Electronic Logbook

Fortum's Asset and Maintenance Management Solution based on IBM Maximo®

ProjectWise - Document Management