Logbook - Fortum's electronic logbook

Do you wish to upload a new memory to your organisation? Logbook - electronic logbook - is a versatile electronic operational diary of the power plant.

​Logbook is especially aimed for improving the interaction between shifts and operation and maintenance. The information exchange between and within shifts and different organisational units improves. The system helps to get a global picture of what is happening at the power plant. 

Easy to use, a good way to store shift information

Logbook is easy to customise to comply with the needs of different work processes and different user groups. The system enables the integration of data between data and different areas of the organisations and their IT systems. For example, the data concerning the production, shift reports, memos, notices and temporary and seasonal work guidelines can be filed in Logbook.

Efficient data sorting and search functions enable management of historical information and learning of special occasions.

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