Hydro new build modernisations

New build and modernisations

We provide consultation and turnkey deliveries of new hydro power plants and modernisations projects for old hydro power plants. We bring additional value to your projects by truly understanding the owner’s perspective.

We have successfully managed vast portfolio of our own hydro project plan projects, from start to finish, giving as a unique experience and competence to understand smart equipment delivery boundaries, balance of plant, and, the most suitable project management approach for the owner’s benefit. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss more from:

  • EPC, turnkey projects: investment projects, new build, modernization projects, 
  • Turnkey deliveries of equipment: turbine, generator, electrical & automation
  • Owner’s engineering, EPCM and technical consultation
  • Effective purchasing, procurement and bidding strategy
  • Profitability and risk analysis of design parameters
  • Co-investment in a projects

What is a ”modernization project”?

Renewal or refurbishment of the production equipment, waterways and civil structures. Typically the technical life span of hydro power production equipment is between 40-80 years depending on multiple factors, such as  the operation and maintenance activities and the water quality.