Nucl planning of decomm

Planning of nuclear power plants decommissioning

Fortum has drawn up a full decommissioning plan for the Loviisa nuclear power plant, including a realistic cost estimate. This has given us a good basis for similar design work on other VVER and LWR plants.

The work has included several updates of the decommissioning plan of Loviisa NPP. The current plan is based on a detailed activity inventory, work plan and a 3D CAD model of the plant, as well as a preliminary design of the final disposal plant. Fortum has also conducted a project to evaluate the possibilities to construct a near surface disposal facility for a very low level of waste to the Loviisa NPP site. The decommissioning planning has also included studies for updating the technical design of the repository for decommission waste from the Loviisa NPP, which is needed for reliable evaluation of the decommissioning costs.

Fortum has as well had a role for decommissioning planning of Olkiluoto site including the following work:

  • Complete safety case (OL1&2&3);

  • Ground water flow analysis;

  • Estimation of  radiation dose rates near waste repository and from decommissioning of NPP (OL1&2);

  • Decommissioning waste inventory for NPP units (OL1&2);

  • Safety analysis for free released material from Olkiluoto NPP (disposed of to TVO's waste dump on the NPP site);

  • Updating the work plan and cost estimate of the preparatory phase of decommissioning (OL1&2)