PATI - Nuclear Fuel Management

Fortum has developed a software tool PATI to manage nuclear material in power plant environment.

Tool includes nuclear material accountancy and reporting features as the heart and optional features for planning and management of nuclear material. 

PATI is used as a daily tool for managing tasks like nuclear material reception, planning of fuel transfers, planning for reloads, planning the use of spent fuel storage capacity and accountancy reporting to Authorities. Concise and valid data is needed to meet user requirements in a format that is easy to use and maintain. 

 PATI fuel management process 


Users and their tasks may be following:

  • Nuclear Material Responsible Person: Authority reporting
  •  Reactor Engineer: Management of fuel stores, planning of transfers, reloads and reporting
  •  Reactor Physicist: Information for planning of reactor reloads
  •  Fuel Procurement: Fresh fuel stock
  •  Fuel Manufacturing Surveillance: Fuel information for reactor reload license
  •  Fuel examinations: Fuel history, fuel damage information

PATI can be used to meet user requirements like:

  • Centralized storage for fuel life time data
  •  Import and operation license information of fuel assemblies
  •  Usage and movement history of fuel assemblies
  •  Mass changes of fissile Uranium and Plutonium isotopes during plant operating cycles
  •  Graphical maps of internal rod burn-up of fuel assemblies after any given plant cycle
  •  Graphical maps of fuel assembly locations on any given date
  •  Residual thermal power of fuel assemblies at any given date
  •  Planning of reactor reloading and transfer operations
  •  Generation of instructions for the fuel handling machine (FHM) operators
  •  Generation of fuel movement files for the FHM automation system
  •  Authority reporting (PIL, ICR, MBR)

PATI is based on modules that can be combined to meet specific user requirements. One may for example have existing systems for transfer planning or mass change calculation. In this case plain data can be imported and exported to PATI for accountancy and reporting.


Benefits of Fortum's Fuel handling system PATI:

  • Proven solution, developed and used by Fortum during 30 years
  • Vendor independent, system is developed and maintained in-house at Fortum
  • Continuous development due to Fortum's own needs
  • User roles and passwords for information security
  • Fuel data in one location for easy retrieval

For further information, please contact us: powersolutions(at) or directly our contact persons.