Nuclear Services

Services for nuclear power plants

​Outstanding expertise and innovative solutions for nuclear power plant operations and radioactive waste management.


Owner and operator perspective

We have a long experience in operating and maintaining nuclear plants and providing engineering services. A high safety level is a top priority in everything we do. This also reflects to our R&D focus. We have developed innovative solutions for improving nuclear power plant performance and waste handling.

Nuclear plant performance and waste management

Our services cover nuclear safety, engineering, waste management, decommissioning, licensing and plant performance. Our products include dynamic process simulation - Apros® and NURES® - Nuclide Removal Solutions. ReMaint® Nuclear concepts help to optimise plant maintenance and outages, and increase safety. Fortum ADLAS® ensures safety and licensability of your nuclear facility.
Fortum is certified by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 quality management systems. 

Nuclear Services contacts

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​Fortum ADLAS® - Advanced Licensing and Safety Design method for Nuclear Facilities ensures safety and licensability of your nuclear facility.

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Control room design services

Are you planning an I&C modernization or a control room upgrade? Fortum offers advanced solutions for ensuring safety, licensability and good ergonomics.

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Nuclear waste management

Optimization of waste processes during operation of nuclear power plant including handling and storing of spent nuclear fuel as well as treatment of operational nuclear wastes.

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NURES® - Nuclide Removal Solutions

NURES® - Nuclide Removal Solutions is proven and patented technology since early 90’s and is able to purify your radioactive liquids efficiently with less cost.

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Planning of decommissioning

Decommissioning planning for nuclear power plants and research reactors. Fortum’s advanced decommissioning concept realizes your potential for cost savings.

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ReMaint® Nuclear maintenance concept

Fortum ReMaint® Nuclear maintenance concept optimises nuclear power plant maintenance by refocusing resources on critical systems, structures and components.

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ReMaint® Nuclear outage concept

Major loss of availability of nuclear power plants is due to refuelling outages. Fortum ReMaint® Nuclear outage concept optimises outage time and ensures planned production of your nuclear power plant.

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Immersive training solutions

Take your training experience to the next level with our Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator solutions. Immersive training has proven superior cost effectiveness while delivering excellent training results.

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Nuclear IT systems

Fortum offers a wide range of IT systems designed specifically to be used in energy industry. With Fortum's IT systems you can improve your efficiency in every aspect of your operations.

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Nuclear power references

Read our selected nuclear references from Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power plant, Nuclear waste repository, Loviisa and others.

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