ReMaint nuclear outage

ReMaint® Nuclear outage concept

Fortum ReMaint® Nuclear outage concept optimises outage time and ensures planned production of your nuclear power plant

​World-class efficiency with easy-to-adopt tools

Fortum operates the world’s most efficient VVER–440 nuclear power plant in Loviisa, Finland. Long time average capacity factors for both reactors have been more than 90%. One of the key elements to achieve high capacity factors has been ReMaint® Nuclear outage concept which ensures safe, reliable and profitable production.  

ReMaint® Nuclear outage concept is a management model of nuclear power plant outages. The concept consists of easy-to-adopt prodecures, methods and tools that will enhance your outage planning, execution and monitoring. With the concept you can optimize outage time, minimise production losses, improve safety and reduce costs.

Key  benefits for customers

  • Reduces production losses by optimizing maintenance strategy
  • Reduces outage duration by advanced work management process and tools
  • Improves safety by use of safety charts
  • Reduces collective radiation dosage by optimizing work portfolio