ReMaint Nuclear maintenance concept

ReMaint® Nuclear maintenance concept

Fortum ReMaint® Nuclear maintenance concept optimises nuclear power plant maintenance by refocusing resources on critical systems, structures and components.

Concentrate on production, reliability, safety and profitability

ReMaint® Nuclear maintenance concept is a management model of nuclear power plant maintenance. The concept supports to fulfil constantly tightening demands to ensure reliable, safe and profitable operation of a nuclear power plant.  

Logical steps to improved maintenance and availability 

The concept consists of steps to refocus maintenance activities and tasks based on criticality and prioritisation. Advanced methodologies define maintenance strategies and support resource allocation to achieve proactive and optimised maintenance. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are derived from plant needs and feedback process is implemented to ensure capability of continuous self improvement. 

Key  benefits for the customer 

  • Increases productivity by re-allocating maintenance resources
  • Increases on-time delivery by decreasing work order backlog for critical components
  • Increases availability of critical equipment
  • Reduces cumulative radiation dosage
  • Improves plant reliability and shortens outages

Need to improve something you don't know? 

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