Nuclear waste management

Nuclear waste management

Optimization of waste processes during operation of nuclear power plant including handling and storing of spent nuclear fuel as well as treatment of operational nuclear wastes.

Nuclear power plant produces all kinds of nuclear waste during operation. Waste characteristics depends on the reactor type, but the common need for operator is the optimization of waste quantity and type. We can help to significantly reduce the waste volumes and waste management costs at nuclear power plants by optimizing the whole process from waste collection to final disposal. We also provide services  to assess long term safety for nuclear waste in geological repositories. Below examples of our services.

Consultation in waste treatment, storage and disposal

Our services cover all phases of treatment for dry and liquid waste.  Fortum’s expert services has planned and designed a solidification plant at Loviisa NPP site.  

Design and projects of spent fuel intermediate storage

We have developed a competitive concept for the interim storage of spent fuel upon experience based on Olkiluoto and Loviisa nuclear power plants, both in operation since1980.  

Expertise in final disposal of radioactive waste

The final repository for low and intermediate level waste of the Loviisa nuclear power plant was designed and implemented by Fortum. All waste, including decommissioning waste, will be disposed of in the power plant site's bedrock.