Combustion optimization

Optimal combustion environment in the boiler ensures efficient burning of fuel and minimized flue gas emissions.

​CFD is a versatile tool for combustion modeling

The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) used for combustion modeling is a versatile tool for process optimization as well as design and trouble shooting of combustion in any boiler improvement or performance evaluation projects. 

Key benefits of computational fluid dynamics:

  • Models based on theories of physics and chemistry
  • Model updated based on feedback from actual process
  • Can be used for modelling pulverized fired boilers as well as fluidized bed boilers
  • 3-dimensionality
  • Both visual and numerical results
  • Design, problem solving and optimization
  • Qualitative and easy comparison of alternatives
  • Good quantitative accuracy
  • Cheaper and faster than measuring or experimentation at site
  • Ability for scaling