Low-NOx combustion technology

We offer customised combustion solutions and products for different kinds of combustion and fuel technologies and boilers. Our advanced low-NOx technology effectively reduces emission.

Do you want to reduce emission while simultaneously lowering costs? Our services include: 

  • Low-NOx system modifications for pulverised hard coal, peat, biomasses and oil/gas fired boilers
  • Biomass co-firing solutions for pulverized fired boilers
  • Design, project and site operations, commissioning, operation and maintenance, warranty inspection and repairs and after sales services
  • Combustion consultancy such as boiler performance analyses, combustion process optimisation and operation load range improvements
  • Feasibility studies and tailor-made solutions
  • Problem solving and trouble shooting including start-up and ignition systems and other auxiliary equipment, slagging, fouling and high temperature corrosion and  combustion system and burner upgrades
  • Computational modeling of combustion (CFD)
  • Patented & licensed technology and in-house expertise
  • Low-NOx burners for wall and tangential firing system including over fire air (OFA) system
  • Long-term co-operation with Japanese Mitsubishi-Hitachi Power Systems (earlier Babcock-Hitachi)