Energy effiency - Ecotuning®

Our energy efficiency services and expertise bring financial gain to your energy business and benefit the environment with lesser emissions.

​Fortum Ecotuning® - helps to find weak links in operational economy


We have created several energy efficiency service solutions that are easy to manage and come with a clear customer promise. 

Fortum Ecotuning® finds the weak links in your power plant operational economy by finding the production, operation and maintenance flaws where energy efficiency hasn't met the optimal point. Typical saving can be within 1 and 4 % of annual fuel budget which can mean even half million euros annual saving.  

Ecotuning® benefits:

  • An energy efficient power plant saves money and the environment 
  • Savings are gained through process modifications, optimisation of plant operation and by improving efficiency related maintenance 
  • By personnel training power plants operation reaches optimal point in efficiency and operational economy 
  • Our portfolio of services and expertise covers all areas, which are affecting to efficiency 
  • Production costs reducements by improving the performance