Reliability and risk studies

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis supports your decision making in new investments, upgrades or reliability development from single system to whole energy network.

Our analytic study gives you an understanding of alternative effects. You will get future forecasts of different scenarios. This information supports your investment concept design, technical planning and development programmes and helps you optimize investment versus reliability and productivity.

Miriam RAM Studio differs from other modelling and simulation programmes:

  • Simulation of selected time period in several times, for example 10 years by 100 times
  • Attention to production variation between production forecast and real production situations
  • Dynamic shutdown predictions and availability (tgdE)
  • Different parts of model can be given unique production profiles like
    • Use of different fuels and materials (input)
    • Electricity, steam and/or district heating water (output)
  • Operating rules concerning process properties and running ways 
  • Active programme development, updates regularly