Remote support

Remote support service is a valuable tool that can help the plant owners and operators meet their major objectives, i.e. high efficiency and availability with optimised operation and maintenance costs.

Successful track record

Our remote support has a successful track record of improving customers’ performance over 20 years worldwide.  

High availability and economic benefits 

Higher plant availability is achieved by early detection of deviations thus enabling controlled management of problems. This results in improved profitability of plant operation. Thermal performance management targets for maintaining and increasing plant energy efficiency. Direct economic benefit is achieved through reduced fuel consumption.  

Utilize existing plant process data   

Remote support is based on the utilization of existing plant process data in a systematic and multidisciplinary data analysis. Combination of the local site knowledge with technical and expert support ensures that the right conclusions are drawn from all the available data, and that this is done in a well-planned and cost-effective way.  

Customer benefits  

  • Improvement of plant operational economy
  • Decision-making support available at short notice
  • Early detection of possible faults
  • Expert recommendation of corrective items
  • Systematic check of all available plant data