Warranty and performance tests

We have a long and extensive experience to carry out performance or warranty tests for any kind of power plants.Tests have been carried out by our own precise test instruments supplemented with plant local measurements. Any combination is possible.

According to standards

Performance tests have been carried out according to ISO, DIN, EN and ASME standards for both boilers and turbine plants.

Warranty tests - to guarantee the power plant performance

  • Precise performance values for the whole power plant and for the main equipment 
  • Measurement accuracy results in immediate cost benefit, if warranty values are not fulfilled. 
  • Reference values (finger prints) for operation time monitoring 
  • Impartial and standardised tests guarantee the quality

Performance tests - to  improve and maintain plant performance

  • Verification of maintenance outage/upgrade impact
  • Follow-up of plant performance against the reference values
  • Double checking of plant local measurements and process calculations
  • Support in designing the plant process modifications

Key benefits of our warranty and performance tests: 

  • Lower fuel costs, best operation methods, maintaining the quality of measurements and controls
  • Economically optimised timing for overhauls and repairs
  • Technical and economical reasoning for process improvements