Fortum's Asset and Maintenance Management Solution, based on IBM Maximo®

Fortum's Asset and Maintenance Management Solution is a maintenance and material management system used for maintenance and annual outage planning, monitoring equipment status, management of stocked items and cost analysis.

Highly developed automation of production and profit demands put requirements for maintenance management within production plants. Equipment must operate reliably without unexpected failures or irregular production breaks. Fortum's Asset and Maintenance Management Solution combines the best parts of an enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) in overcoming these challenges.

Fortum's solution is based on IBM Maximo®. The system is designed to meet the requirements coming from operative and strategic maintenance operations. Our solution implements a maintenance management model developed by Fortum.

Maintenance and material management system for maintenance planning

Our maintenance and material management model, customized for power companies, is part of the Fortum' solution.  It holds and maintains data related to power plant process locations, equipment and warehouse properties like spare parts. Our solution is used for planning maintenance works and annual outages, monitoring equipment statuses, managing the storage and commodities and performing cost analyses.

Fortum's maintenance solution is based on extensive and long-term experience. It helps in developing power plant availability and performance, and to cut maintenance costs, without neglecting safety issues.

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