Solvo™ power plant simulator

Tool for thermal process design, analysis and optimisation of power plants processes.

​What is Fortum Solvo Family?

Fortum Solvo™ Family is a versatile design and optimisation tool for power plant processes. The calculation is based on balanced mass and energy flows of components, and on equation solutions representing the operation of the equipment. Solvo™ includes a very wide range of components enabling to model practically any power plant process. 

Main features of Solvo™:

- Graphical, illustrative, fast and easy to use

- Large component library including renewable production

- Only a little data is needed to start modelling

- Very efficient two-way link with Excel to further analyse the results

- Support and training are available as required

- Continuous development of the tool (in use since year 1991)

Solvo™ Family applications

Online for performance monitoring, analysis and optimisation
- Integrated to power plant process information system

Offline for process design and analysis
- Licenses for Design, DesignPlus, O&M and Education

Optimum for quick and easy process analysis (offline tool)
- Tool for plant daily performance and operational economy analyses

Portfolio for regional or company’s assets developing and analyses
- Large scale power and heat balance calculations and analyses