TOPi® - Process information and optimisation system

Real-time power plant monitoring and energy management with TOPi® Process information and optimisation system to increase operational economy, efficiency and performance.

What is TOPi®?

TOPi® Process information and optimisation system is a tool for all power plant personnel to achieve savings in their daily jobs. The modular system of TOPi® enables flexible configuration to suit customer’s needs: TOPi® is suitable for power plants of any size and type.

Main features of TOPi®:

  • Intended for the plant personnel from management to operators
  • Modular system structure:
    • TOPi® EMS (Energy Management System), see brochure below
    • TOPi® OE (Operational Economy), see brochure below
    • TOPi® Process (Process Information Management), see brochure below
  • Compatible with various automation systems
  • Delivery scope will be agreed according to the customer needs
  • Added value from process related applications
  • Browser based Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools

The system includes an automation interface, historical database, versatile user tools, SolvoTM process calculation and other applied calculations, such as emissions, consumption prognosis, production optimisation and data interfaces that are configured upon need.

Please see our references and contact us for more information on how we can help you. We can also arrange a demonstration of TOPi® at your convenience.

Key benefits of TOPi® Process information and optimisation system:

  • Improved operational economy, efficiency and performance
  • Real-time condition monitoring and lifetime monitoring
  • Tool for preventative maintenance
  • Optimized production plan
  • Emission monitoring