TOPi Fusion 2016.5.0 release notes

TOPi Fusion 2016.05 brings a major update to TOPi by fusioning existing TOPi system with a new IO platform.

​TOPi Fusion now includes a new data collection functionality and a set of new easy to use administrative tools: Monitor, Logs, Configurator and Connector as well as a new Alarm tool for viewing alarms and events. In addition there are improvements to existing TOPi Browser tools. More detailed list of improvements can be found below.

General changes: 

  • New TOPi IO platform implemented.
  • New TOPi administrator tools: Connector, Configurator, Monitor and Logs.
  • New TOPi user tool:Alarm
  • Official support dropped for IE9 and IE10 browsers. Officially supported browsers are now IE11 and Firefox.
  • Possibility to have two logos in file reports, one on the left and one on the right side. It is possible to scale the size of the logos - this means that logos can have better quality.
  • The color palette available in applications can be configured.
  • Opened record name (e.g. Report, OP, OE display name) is displayed in window / browser tab title.  


  • Russian translations available for Dashboard, Report, OE and ProView applications.
  • Fixed translation fallback handling when server locale is not English.


  • Fixed displaying text values in file reports.
  • Fixed handling of duplicate timestamps in file reports.
  • User interface is now more compact.
  • Bar border color and width can be configured at application level.
  • Copying timestamps from grid by default can be configured to be on or off.
  • Possibility to have a compact grid where more data fits into view.
  • Graph height can be configured at application level.
  • When user unchecks the "Use description and unit from database" selection, original description and unit are displayed in the fields instead of emptying them.
  • Constant parameter entry default saving time is rounded down to nearest hour from the time of loaded data.
  • Recalculations (parameters) can be configured to be selected by default or not.


  •  Fixed a bug where two instances of the graph overlay are sometimes visible at the same time. 


  • Logbook groups Edit dialog shows also user's first and last name in addition to the username.                              
  • Manual shifts. It is possible to define manual shift templates which means that shift takeover is done manually and shift change times are the exact times at which the takeover was completed. It is possible to restrict entry writing rights to persons in the current shift. The person list can be specified at takeover. 
  • Possibility to restrict notification saving and deleting only to users having those rights.
  • Possibility to have custom text in file report header and footer.  


  • TOPi Alarm is a tool for generating and managing alarms and events based on collected data.


  • TOPi Connector is a tool for system Main User or system Administrator to manage and configure data connection applications. 


  • TOPi Configurator is a tool for system Main User or system Administrator to configure TOPi database tags and IO server interface tags. 


  • TOPi Monitor is a tool for system Main User or system Administrator to monitor system status and data connections from one place. 


  • TOPi Logs is a tool for system Main User or system Administrator to monitor system events.  

Known problems:

  • ProView Editor official support only for Firefox.
  • Balancer Production Plan view memory leak in IE11.
  • OE memory leak with IE11.