Power Solutions offers versatile  services for thermal power plants

Fortum Power Solutions has an extensive experience and references in commissioning, operating, maintaining and upgrading thermal power plants in European and Asian energy markets.

Our core competence: adopting the owner's perspective 


With long history as an energy producer in the Nordic and Russian energy markets we have served customers for decades already.

We are independent from original equipment suppliers. This flexibility benefits you in many ways. You'll get the best technical and econimical alternatives in reasonable time to your plant. We are also able to act as an integrator - in close co-operation with various partners and networks.

Thermal power plants

Fortum Power Solutions offer expertise, references and solutions for different types of power plants and fuels 


Your plant can either be new or already existing.The fuel type can either be bioenergy, waste incinerating, gas, coal or peat.
We offer services and solutions on a global scale to improve your plant's technical and economical performance in ways such as:

  • long term O&M (operation and maintenance) services  with mobilisation  for CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) plants but also for other power plants
  • burning system modifications with emission reduction used by own technology e.g. for coal and other pulverised fuel boilers as well as for circulating bed (BFB or CFB) boilers
  • turbine island upgrading, overhaul and troubleshooting services for steam and gas turbines and their generator systems
  • planning, productivity and performance development services with remote monitoring for bio, waste to energy (WtoE) and common for CHP (combined heat and power) plants managing especially availability, energy efficiency, life cycle condition, O&M and investment costs and sustainable needs and targets
  • supporting IT systems as process planning tools, dynamic planning and training simulators, process and energy management systems as well as asset and maintenance management systems with server or web based solutions