Thermal & CHP references

​Please read about our selected Thermal & CHP references. If you are interested to know more, please contact our contact persons. 

Trianel HammTrianel Gaskraftwerk Hamm-Uentrop, Germany Full scope O&M project 2005- (on going).
Fortum provides full scope operation and maintenance services for one of the first IPP (Independent Power Producer) owned power plant in Germany.
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TOPi SuomenojaFortum Power and Heat Oy, Suomenoja, Espoo, Finland
Multiple TOPi® projects (latest during 2013)

TOPi® Process Information and Optimization System is comprehensively used at Suomenoja power plant - one of Fortum’s major CHP plants in Finland.
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Joensuu CHP EcotuningFortum CHP plant, Joensuu, Finland
Full scope Ecotuning® project  2009-2010

Ecotuning® finds process bottlenecks, calculates impacts and proposes the cure to reach an excellence in power plant performance.
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Ecotuning GöteborgGöteborg Energie power plants, Gothenburg, Sweden
Full scope Ecotuning® project 2009-2010

Fortum Ecotuning® finds the weak links in your operational economy, no matter if it is the latest CCGT or old conventional power plant.
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Husum Metsä BoardMetsä Board, Alizay, France - Husum, Sweden
Steam turbo-generator relocation and modernization 2010-2011

Fortum provided full-scope of turbine and generator overhauls and modernizations off all related control and protection systems included into the relocation project from France to Sweden.
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GrangemouthIneos refinery and petrochemical plants, Grangemouth, United Kingdom
Full scope O&M project 1998-2014, O&M services continue

Fortum's experience of design, reconstruction and project maintenance have combined with the experience of operations and maintenance, asset management and energy trading.
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JaworznoJaworzno III (hard coal) Tauron, Poland
One of the biggest low-NOx combustion project in Poland, 2010-2016

Fortum has implemented a project involving combustion control and reduction of nitrogen oxides in Poland at Tauron Jaworzno III Power plant.Very low NOx emissions (max reduction 70%) are achieved with extremely small operational costs.
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NarvaNarva oil shale-fired combusting power plants, Eesti Energia, Estonia
Nitrogen oxides reduction installations for plants' four units and for a total of eight power plant boilers 2013-2015
With Fortum's solution, the nitrogen oxides' emissions at Eesti Energia's Narva Power Plants can be reduced outstandingly.
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Narva maintenance managementNarva oil-shale fired combusting power plant, Eesti Energia, Estonia
Fortum's Asset Management Process Development 2016-2017
Fortum's project creates a modern asset and maintenance management process and upgrades
the plant's maintenance stragegy.
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GSRGSR Energo, CCGT CHP power plant, St. Petersburg, Russia
O&M consultancy and CMMS project 2011-2014

With preparation of Fortum TOPGen® based O&M management and IT systems, Fortum has participated in customer’s energy upgrade and efficiency project in St. Petersburg.
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LakesideLakeside Energy from Waste Plant, United Kingdom
Full scope O&M Mobilisation and O&M Management, 2007-2012.
Fortum’s international experience in operation and maintenance using waste fuels contributed to customer’s choice. Fortum’s O&M project for staff mobilisation, recruitment and training benefitted the plant performance.
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Tanjung Jati BTanjung Jati B, Central Java, Indonesia
Technical Support Agreement 2005- (ongoing)

Fortum provides technical support services for the operator of the coal fired power plant in Indonesia.
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Ekokem waste to Energy plantEkokem Oy Ab power plants, Finland
Maintenance Management System services  2007- 2015

Fortum has delivered reliability and maintenance development services to several Ekokem's waste to energy, bioenergy and incineration plants.
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