Fortum Master O&M training

Fortum Power Solutions has developed decades business processes and tools to ensure profitable power plant business and to improve plant efficiency and availability.

What is Fortum Master O&M training?

Fortum Master O&M training is a new training package that is tailored to customer needs and designed for individuals in power plant operation and maintenance duties and for professionals who are in charge of power plant production and management. The training is also ideal as orientation for employees who are being given the opportunity to develop and expand their know-how.

It provides basic information about the operation and maintenance of power plants as well as practical tools to develop operations. Practical learning at our plants is included into the training courses.

Additionally, the training can cover management-related matters, such as business processes, investments, EHS issues, as well as sector development and new business opportunities. The training offers tools also to improve the energy efficiency and productivity of power plants, which in turn can boost the company’s bottom line.

As a result of Fortum's power plant training you will

Learn good and efficient practises and methods
Receive our best practise and know-how in energy production and in power plant availability and
Improve  power plant performance and availability
Ensure plant profitability and safety
• Create network with other power plant professionals
Receive practical information for investment planning and implementation